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 Admin application

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PostSubject: Admin application   Mon Jul 29, 2013 3:36 am

Nickname: Enfuze
Age: 16
Playtime: 803 hours.
When you're online normally and how long: From midday (GMT+2) to late night, online for about 12 hours a day on average.
What do you think is an admin's job: To maintain order and civil friendliness, to prevent rules being broken and to enforce good behaviour.
How do you think you might improve the server's qualities: I'd bring a helping hand to block spammers and various other rule-breakers while also giving a friendly example of how to behave whilst building and RP'ing.
Why should we choose you and not another applicant: I don't know, it would be rude to assume I'll do a better job than another stranger applying for this position, but I am in friendly terms with all of the current admins, and generally from past experience, most of the players seem to like me.
What will you do when a player is propclimbing: Immediately and politely ask him/her to stop, but if he/she ignores my warnings I will freeze the player and sort it out eye to eye.
Situation - You just joined the server and see two players insulting each other heavily - what will you do? I will judge the situation depending if they're actually RP'ing, if the insults are directed at the player rather than the character, I will ask them to stop talking (if ignored, will mute) and ask both sides what's wrong and continue from there.
Your steamid (Format: Steam_0:1:325325): STEAM_0:0:17624641
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PostSubject: Re: Admin application   Mon Jul 29, 2013 4:01 am

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Admin application
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