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 DivzThePosse Admin Application

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PostSubject: DivzThePosse Admin Application   Sat Aug 17, 2013 5:36 am


532 Hours

Time Zone:
GMT +1

When are you online normally, and for how long:
usually everyday, unless I am away for a while, which I will give a notice for. when I join the server usually for 1 to 2 hours

What do you think is an admin's job:

A admin's job is to make the servers rules be respected on the server, and that the roleplay is going as planned, and also the rulebreakers be dealt with in a rightful manner

How do you think you might improve the server's qualities:
I personally have found myself on the server with no admin's from time to time, and i hope to fill that gap because as a player there is nothing more frustrating than needing an admin when there isn't one. I also hope to help other admins and players in the server whenever I am needed. Also I am fairly experienced in Roleplay servers, which in
fact is my favorite gamemode, and thus I think that I could help with the roleplay on the server and also that the rules are respected.

Why should we choose you and not another applicant:
I believe I have the maturity that an admin needs and also the right judgement on terms of admin situations which have to deal with rulebreakers, because of course a rulebreaker could make a potential player leave. I also have good people skills, and i believe that if a new player needs help, an admin that can help him without intimidating the new player. Then of course when dealing with rulebreakers I would be more firm with them to make sure they can understand the rules and that they are not to be broken.

What will you do when a player is propclimbing:
First, noclip to reach him and then freeze the player. Then give him a warning to make sure he understands the rule that propclimbing is not allowed. If he continues, I would warn him again by jailing him for 120 seconds and of course tell him again that it is not allowed. If he was to continuously do the act I would then Kick him with the reason "3rd warning Propclimbing". Then of course if he decides to do it again, the ban would have to take place, and therefore ban him for an hour, reason "4th warning Propclimbing"

Situation - You just joined the server and see two players insulting each other heavily - what will you do?First I would tell them stop, on chat and voice. If they continue I would Freeze both of them, apart from each other meaning that the distance would not let them to local chat or voice chat. then I would proceed to hear each sides of the story and only from there, decide on what action should take place.

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PostSubject: Re: DivzThePosse Admin Application   Sat Aug 17, 2013 5:45 am

Great Application! You finally made one! Very Happy It's well written, I like your way of dealing with rule-breakers, and of course you clearly know the rules judging by your responses.

When I saw you in the server:
- You never break any rules, and you clearly knew them.
- You were also very fun to play with and people liked you!
- And most importantly, you would be a great helping hand.

You are definitely fit for being an admin and I personally think you are more than qualified for the position!



PS: This guy is awesome, for realz. like no joke.
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PostSubject: Re: DivzThePosse Admin Application   Sat Aug 17, 2013 8:43 am

You're a good friend of Derka and if Derka trusts you, than I do too.

However being an admin is a lot of responsibility; like the times you mentioned when there are no admins on the server, that means you'd have to be taking care of ~20 people by yourself which would leave you nearly no time to build/RP.
You have to be commited to the task and this is not me saying that you're not, I just want you to know.

Other than that you have never broken any rules, you're mature and friendly, thus I will +1
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PostSubject: Re: DivzThePosse Admin Application   

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DivzThePosse Admin Application
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