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 Ok im sorry this is my admin application

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PostSubject: Ok im sorry this is my admin application   Tue Aug 20, 2013 6:57 am


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What do you think to make the server better? to make it better i would ask an admin to Atleast jail them for 20 or 10 mins
What happens if there's massive propclimbing? samething i would ask and admin katie! would ban them for 1243 minutes or kick them
Whats my best improve in this server: well i do follow all the rules im respected and katie respects me like a true admin you can trust Smile
My Gameplay time is were i get to enjoy playing in FunBuildersclan i love them there my favorite i try my best to be perfect in funbuildersclan!
I spended my days off playing this server i love them so much they make me cry of joy im so happy to play it whenever there's a problem i tell the admin katie for her to know and yes im a girl. How long is your game play that you love? i love it because i played for 1 to 7 years i really love it. How would you make yourself better? i would make my self better by making new things enfuze and sofah are my favorite and i know i wont get admin for this cause none likes me katies my friend i hope enfuze i hope you accpet me for who i am i want to make the server better by being the other admin with katie me and her have alot of teamwork i enjoy gaming every day i have off and guess what server i join funbuildersclan i love them every day off i have i join them cause they are in my heart from what best server they have im sorry for 2 bad post i hope you accept me for who i am and all my hard work for following all of the help enfuze and sofah i hope you guys accpet me so i can be a big help for admin its my biggest dream i would be very pleased if you accepted this i know im bad at everything but not admin because admin i will be good with katie ive seen every admin being good i hope you like this little application i love FUNBUILDERSCLAN Smile written By Cali Petrichko
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PostSubject: Re: Ok im sorry this is my admin application   Tue Aug 20, 2013 7:22 am

I told you, because of your "funny jokes" you are forbidden to be an admin, ever.

Denied and don't make another admin application.
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Ok im sorry this is my admin application
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