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 Basic Admin Guide by Derka. READ THIS.

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PostSubject: Basic Admin Guide by Derka. READ THIS.   Tue Aug 20, 2013 7:55 am


NOTE: All server and RP rules apply to administrators too.

Punishment ladder

1. Warning

The first part of the punishment ladder is a warning. This warning has to be given to the rule-breaker by in-game chat or voice communication. It is important that rule breaker understands that he was given a warning.

In-game warnings can be directly skipped to the second use of the punishment ladder if the rule-breaking is to a higher level. Meaning that, a kick can be used as a first warning, eg: '!kick Enfuze 1st Warning - Mass RDM at spawn'.

2. Kick

The kick is the second part of the punishment ladder. A kick is given after the person breaks the SAME rule twice.

Format: !kick name number of warnings - reason

A kick example: '!kick Enfuze 2nd Warning - Propsurfing'.

3. Ban

This is the last part of the punishment ladder. It is always good to avoid banning a rule-breaker unless they obviously don't want to be on the server. This is given after they continuously break the same rule for a third time. It is important to note that giving the length of the ban is MANDITORY.

Format: !ban name length of ban number of warnings - reason (length of ban)

A ban example: !ban Enfuze 60 3rd Warning - Propsurfing (one hour)

Use of noclip

Noclip is by no means a toy for you to play with. It must only be used while dealing with rulebreaking and/or other admin business.
It is ok to use noclip for building, but please, for the love of god, be discreet about it!


- Respect and treat your fellow admins they way you want to be treated yourself.
- While being and administrator you have to keep calm and listen to the victim or the offender, if you are unable to do this you are not fit to be an administrator.
- Treat everyone equally. As an admin, you never take any sides.

Thanks, Derka.
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Basic Admin Guide by Derka. READ THIS.
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