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 Kick Command application-Amerlwiz

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PostSubject: Kick Command application-Amerlwiz   Wed Aug 21, 2013 12:24 pm

NOTE: I do not wish to be admin, however I would much appreciate the kick command.

Nickname :


Time Zone:
and all night long

when you're online normally and how long:
Usually... more than 4 hour per day.( and all night long during french holidays or week ends [I'm on pricisely at around 2pm to 5am])

What do you think is an admin's job:
In my opinion it is definitly to be a dedicated player on the server. As a "night player" I have noticed that very few to no admins were online.

How do you think you might improve the server's qualities:
I can be "The Batman", help players during the night fight, and take care of vilains propkillers/propblockers/proppushers/...

Why should we choose you and not another applicant:
first of all, I'm French, and it's extremely usefull when players who come from Belgium, France, Switzerland, Canada, Brasil, Maghreb, Congo (If they have internet access with Gmod). But again i'd like to state that I'm here mostly during the night.

What will you do when a player is propclimbing:
I will first warn them that it is against the rules either by verbal or oral communication.
Then if he continues I will start with a simple kick with the reason, "Propclimbing".

What would you do if you had just joined the server and saw two players, holding giant props, prop pushing each other heavily in the presence of other, rule-abiding players:
As I am not admin - I will first give them a warning and making sure they understand, then if they continue I will kick them with the following reason, '2nd Warning - Proppushing'

My steamID:
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PostSubject: Re: Kick Command application-Amerlwiz   Wed Aug 21, 2013 12:31 pm

Thanks for the application Amerlwiz!

To all other replys: I have already explained to Amer the rules of having the kick command. Hence, not using his kick in the precense of admins. I personally trust Amerlwiz and consider him to be one of the most active players.


He never breaks any rules
He clearly knows them
And he is doesn't lie when he sais that he plays at night ( morning ) - He is the servers 'batman' as he stated
I fully trust him and if he does anything wrong i'll take full responsability. But I don't think it will come to that anyway ^^'

BIG +1

I'd hate to see an active player be a victim of rulebreakers
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PostSubject: Re: Kick Command application-Amerlwiz   Thu Aug 22, 2013 1:35 am

Sorry but either you apply for admin or you dont apply at all, what you are doing is like going to a store to buy a half apple for the same price of a whole.

Denied, feel free to make a admin application
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PostSubject: Re: Kick Command application-Amerlwiz   

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Kick Command application-Amerlwiz
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