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 Mannen's application for administrative status.

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PostSubject: Mannen's application for administrative status.   Sat Aug 24, 2013 7:05 am

Nickname: Mannen

Age: 16

Playtime in total: About 4000 hours.(Sorry, made a mistake here. Fixed it.)

Playtime on our server: A few days.

Time Zone: GMT+1(Sweden)

When are you online normally, and for how long: Well, it varies. I can't really give a 100% solid answer on this one, since I've just started school. I'll try to be online as much as I can, though. But I would probably guess my "golden hours" are between 10-11 AM and 11-12 PM. More then that, I don't really know so well.

What do you think an admin's job is: An administrators job is to keep the server clean, happy and welcoming for newcomers. The true administrator knows how to deal with problematic players, and administers a fair punishment according to the rule(s) violated. The administrator does NOT use his/her powers as a way to "overpower" and "defeat" others by unlawful or unfair means. The administrative powers are not to be considered toys, or for personal entertainment. It's a very serious and demanding position, and thus, if any violations of the administrative powers are made, the administrator takes the consequences of his/her acts, and there is a chance that the administrative powers can be removed permanently, with no chance of re-acquiring them.

How do you think you might improve the server: Well, I've both owned AND hosted a few servers before, so I know how most things work. I wouldn't really consider myself the "Apex Admin" or anything of that kind. I do what's necessary to keep the server alive and well, and if there's anything that could use improvement, I would be VERY happy to help, and see that it gets incorporated ASAP. I have many ideas, but I just can't name them all. I can suggest a few "acceptable" addons, and changes to the server.

Why do you think we should choose you and not another applicant: Well, I can't give a too clear answer on this one. I mean, to start off, I have NO CONTROL over your opinions or will, I can only hope that you will be influenced enough to atleast consider me. It's a win-win situation. If there is another applicant which is superior to me, I would obviously accept the fact that he/she gets picked over me. But as long as a final decision hasn't been made, I would probably consider myself "in good standing".

What will you do when a player is prop blocking: I would at first issue a warning, and possibly delete the prop. If it is brought to my attention a second time, I would either delete the prop instantly, issue a second warning or a kick. If the violator is kicked, but returns and repeats himself/herself, I would issue a ban with a time limit depending on how severe the propblock was. If it was extremely severe, as in propblocking/spamming the entire server, I would most likely issue either a permanent ban or a one-week ban. It depends on what I am authorized to do.

What would you do if you had just joined the server and saw two players, holding giant props, prop pushing each other heavily in the presence of other, rule-abiding players: I would freeze them, delete their props and issue a CLEAR warning. If they do it again, I will kick them both with a valid reason. If either of them return some time later, and re-do their acts of physics abuse, I would issue a swift, one-day ban. If they STILL re-do it even after the ban has expired, I will issue a Permanent ban. If they can't adapt to the rules, then they can go somewhere else.

Your steamID (e.g. Steam_0:1:325325): STEAM_0:0:11842479

PS: I know I have been rather "impolite" lately, and I just wish to let you know that I apologize deeply for whatever I have caused, and I take full responsibility in it, aswell as my consequences.
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PostSubject: Re: Mannen's application for administrative status.   Wed Aug 28, 2013 7:01 pm

Mannen is often seen on the server with an great attitude, he always calls for an admin in help and in my my opinion he would nake a great admin +1
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Mannen's application for administrative status.
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