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 Application Guide/Format

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PostSubject: Application Guide/Format   Sun Jul 28, 2013 8:32 am

Hello, thanks for visiting this thread. First of all, here comes a list of requirements you have to have before applying.


- You need to be a mature and respected player.
- Good reputation on our servers.
- You should know the rules.
- You should be able to follow rules and listen to orders, but also be able to decide on your own.
- You should be trustable, loyal and reliable.
- You should have worked as an administrator. (It's not a must have, but a huge advantage)
- It's preferable that you would have a microphone.
Let's begin already!

Open a thread with the following form and follow it strictly, you can edit your answers but not the questions. If you do not follow the form you will automatically get denied. Also, lying in your application (like applying without meeting the requirements) is a 2 week ban and takes away your chance of being an administrator in the future.
5 word applications will have NO chance, they will get closed without an answer.

RP-Server APP:
[b]Playtime in total:[/b]
[b]Playtime on our server:[/b]
[b]Time Zone:[/b]
[b]When are you online normally, and for how long:[/b]
[b]What do you think an admin's job is:[/b]
[b]How do you think you might improve the server:[/b]
[b]Why do you think we should choose you and not another applicant:[/b]
[b]What will you do when a player is prop blocking:[/b]
[b]What would you do if you had just joined the server and saw two players, holding giant props, prop pushing each other heavily in the presence of other, rule-abiding players:[/b]
[b]Your steamID (e.g. Steam_0:1:325325):[/b]
Drink tea (or coffee, beer, whatever you prefer) and wait. If your thread is unanswered after 7 days, you may bump it. Do not PM Admins like 'READ MY THREAD PLS' - or it will be closed without notification or answer.

If application denied read STEP 3.1
If application accepted read STEP 3.2

STEP 3.1
Sorry, you either did not meet the requirements or we're simply full on admins. You can try again in one week.

STEP 3.2
Yay! You got accepted! Congratulations and be responsible with your new-found powers!
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Application Guide/Format
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